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Testing and inspection in Bristol

Are you in the process of buying a house? We recommend that you should get the electrical installation tested, by doing this you will get a report on the condition of the electrics in your potential new home and if its not in a safe condition or need a rewire you could negotiate on the price of the house.

Are you a landlord or about to let out a property? whether its a home or a commercial building the condition of the electrical installation must be safe and in good working order. You should get the property tested once every 5 years or when there is a change of occupancy.

Why use us?

  • We hold the relevant qualifications to carry out inspections
  • We are up to date with current wiring regulations (18th edition)
  • We have professional indemnity insurance
  • We are registered with a governing body and trust mark approved
  • You will receive a detailed electronic report emailed direct to you

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Not all faults are visible or obvious!

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What is Inspection and Testing?

All electrical installations are tested either when a Electrician carries out any work such as new circuits or rewires or an existing electrical installation is tested at regular intervals to ensure that the installation complies with regulations and has no defects that could cause fires or electric shocks.

Existing circuits that are regularly tested is known as EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Reports) or previously known as PIR (Periodic Inspection Report).

Why do we carry out EICR?

All electrical installations whether it is Domestic , Commercial or Industrial deteriorate with age and usage.

The electrician will carry out the appropriate tests on every circuit in the fuse board and a sample of all your accessories (i.e switches, sockets etc) to ascertain the condition of the installation and identify any defects against the current wiring regulations.The electrician must ensure that all necessary precautions are being taken to reduce the risk of injury or death through electrical failure.

There are many good reasons for having an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).If you have recently acquired ownership or tenancy of business / workplace premises you may wish to ensure the installation is safe.

Burnt socket

What type of tests are carried out?

The testing electrician will carry out a sequence of tests such as:

 Earth continuity - to ascertain that the earthing is continuous throughout the circuits

 Earth Bonding - checking that you main water and gas pipes are earthed with the correct earthing conductor size

 Insulation resistance - this is to check any breakdown of insulation in the installation

 RCD testing - to ascertain that the RCD will disconnect the supply in case of a fault

 A test on your main earthing and or earth rod

 Functional testing of isolators, switches and MCBs - to ascertain they isolate the supply

outdated fuse board

Frequency of inspections

The time intervals between the inspections are recommended as follows:

 Home owner - either change of occupancy/ or every 10 years (can be more frequent if you are concerned about the safety of your electrical installation)

 Rented accommodation - either change of occupancy / or every 5 years

 Commercial - either change of occupancy / every 5 years

poor wiring
burnt fuses

What happens if it passes or fails the inspection?

If the installation is in a safe condition you will receive a satisfactory condition report which may include any findings that deviates for current regulations, but does not effect your safety.This is noted as C3

C3 codes are recommendations to improve your installation or bring it up to current regulations. A C3 code is an advisory and does not effect the safety of the installation

However, if you electrical installation is found to be unsatisfactory (failed) you will be given a copy of the unsatisfactory certificate including a list of defects either coded C1 (dangerous condition), C2 (potentially dangerous condition) and/ or FI (a in depth further investigation).

With these unsatisfactory codes you could be given a quote to carry out remedial works to bring your installation to a satisfactory condition

deteriorated cables

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Do you need a Domestic Electrician?

No job too small, from a simple socket change to a full rewire. Burridge Electrical covers a full scope of domestic electrical installation and repairs.

Do you want a commercial electrician?

Commercial electrical repairs and installations inc full and partial rewires, LED lighting, emergency lighting and energy saving products.

Have you got an electrical emergency?

Have your suddenly lost power? smell burning? or lost power to a specific circuit (i.e lighting/sockets) contact us for competitive call out rates.

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